Llanwern High School

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Pupil Testimonials

What our pupils have to say...

I love the fact that the older students are so friendly and understanding that I didn't know my way around school. All of the teachers are so nice as well.

Eve, Year 7

Llanwern is the best! All of the teachers are so nice, helpful and really positive! 

Lacy-Mai, Year 7

I love the range of different extra-curricular activities and lessons.

Lily-Rose, Year 7

The teachers are very helpful. I was scared when I first got here and I would often get lost. The teachers helped me and gave me directions. They are so nice.

Sophie, Year 7

I like it when we do new and exciting activities like gymnastics.

Brooke, Year 7

I love being part of the Llanwern football team most of all!

Kian, Year 7

Llanwern High School is one of the best schools around. The staff are amzing and always really supportive.

Cameron, Year 7

Llanwern is a good school and I have made lots of  friends. I love the teachers and I especially love talking to my head of year.

Nevaeh, Year 8

Llanwern is a great school! All of the teachers are nice and will speak to you about anything. The school has helped me have a future!

Tyrese, Year 11

This school has helped me plan for my future and has supported me with tough decisions that I had to make.

Tom, Year 11

Great community. Great teachers. Great food.

Oscar, Year 8


I love all the languages that you learn at Llanwern High School.

Cara, Year 7

When I joined Llanwern I was scared about getting lost. The teachers are so helpful and I made friends really quickly. My first lesson was Art and the teacher was really nice and from that day it was my favourite subject.

Wajih, Year 7

Llanwern High School has helped me figure out what I want to do after leaving school and the staff are 100% supportive. They want every pupil to thrive in and out of school with whatever they choose to do.

Wyatt, Year 11