Llanwern High School

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School Development Plan

Llanwern High School School Improvement Plan 2023-24

Purpose 1: Leadership in the school is effective in raising standards

1.1 The school has a clear vision/mission

1.2 Leadership responsibilities are impactful at all levels

1.3 Line management systems support positive accountability and raising standards

1.4 The School Improvement Team impacts positively on the standards of teaching and learning, curriculum and pupil progress

Purpose 2:  Students are engaged in their learning

2.1 Attendance across the school improves significantly

2.2 Behaviour for learning effectively supports engagement

2.3 Cefnogaeth/ASD effectively support pupils accessing specific provision

Purpose 3:  Students make excellent progress in their learning

3.1 High quality ‘close the gap’ feedback ensures pupils make excellent progress

3.2 Pupils are effectively challenged in all lessons and make excellent progress

Purpose 4:  Planning for progresses over time for knowledge and skills is highly effective

4.1 Curriculum for Wales is embedded and develops the 4 core purposes for all pupils

4.2 KS4 curriculum is broad, balanced and meets the needs of all pupils

4.3 Skills development is thoroughly planned and progressive

Purpose 5:  Standards in key aspects of the school make excellent progress

5.1 Development Planning is clear and precise

5.2 Quality Assurance is accurate and informative

5.3 Self-Evaluation is thorough and supportive