Llanwern High School

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School Grant Expenditure

In addition to the school’s core revenue budget, the Welsh Government also allocates additional funding to schools by way of grant allocations.

Schools are also able to apply for and access grants from other sources to support school-related activity.

Llanwern High School has access to a number of grant funded sources to supplement the core budget in supporting the delivery of the School Development Plan.

Currently (Sept ‘2023), the Governing Body is anticipating over 14 separate grant funding allocations in the 23-24 financial year, totalling over £1.4 million in grant funding.

The most significant of these allocations are the Post 16 Grant at £763,677 which is provided to fund the school’s sixth form, and the Pupil Development Grant (PDG) at £381,800. The PDG grant is provided to raise the attainment of children and young people from low-income households. The grant is being used in this financial year to support the following activities / initiatives:

  • Provision of a Learning Coach to provide well-being support
  • Tracking and monitoring attainment of eFSM pupils to support early intervention and facilitate learning
  • Tracking and monitoring attendance for eFSM pupils and enabling provision that will improve attendance for target pupils
  • Provision of additional resources for eFSM pupils
  • Senior leadership targeted support and mentoring for eFSM pupils, along with other small group work and 1 to 1 sessions, to seek to improve attendance and attainment
  • A range of specific numeracy, literacy and physical activity interventions to support learning, wellbeing and behavioural improvement

 Grant are regularly scrutinised by:

  •  The Governing Body
  • Local Authority Finance Department
  • Education Achievement Service School Improvement Partner