Zelyn Academy

December 4th, 2015 by Sarah Turnham

We are linked to the Zelyn Academy through Phillipa Watkins from the University of South Wales, Newport Campus. The Zelyn Academy is one of the few schools in the whole of Kenya that provides free eductation, food, clothing and school materials to its pupils. However, as a Community Group (NGO), the school is entirely dependent on donations to fulfill their goal of providing a full education and feeding program to 276 pre primary and primary aged childen.

Last year  initial connections were made with our pupils and then our Step 8 pupils created lessons in shoe boxes to send over to the children at the Zelyn Academy.  Pupils have done fundraising activities to pay for the shoe box ingredients and to cover the cost of sending them over.  Items such as football, cones and bibs were sent to the children and the rest of the fundraising money (£512.00) was sent over this week.

Elisha Ooga is the Principle of the Zelyn Academy and the money raised will pay for new books for their school library along with covering postage costs for their pupils to write pen pal letters to our pupils.

Well done Step 8 and all staff for your awesome work in making this connection happen with a school situated thousands of miles away!  We are all very much looking forward to see what other amazing things happen in the future between each school.

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