Techniquest Back Stage Challenge and Biosphere Workshop for Year 8 Pupils

May 21st, 2015 by Sarah Turnham

Techniquest came into school today and ran two awesome workshops for our Year 8 Pupils.  The Backstage Challenge workshop consisted of the pupils having to organise several huge charity concerts in castles across Wales.  They were placed in charge of one of the venues and took ownership of the entire event.  This ranged from them choosing the music act ensuring that it was for all tastes to maximise ticket sales.  They also had to communicate with other groups to avoid double booking an act.  They worked with graphs to calculate all costs and to work out their profit margins.  The aim was to make sure they had enough profit to donate to charity.

The Biosphere workshop encouraged our pupils to explore their scientific knowledge.  It focussed on our survival on planet Earth and how they could possibly  replicate this on other planets.  Their challenge was to build a new colony on planet Mars.   Technological issues such as  Eco Systems and Water Filtration was discussed and the pupils had many awesome ideas on what other things they would like as part of their colony.  Well done Year 8 your ideas were amazing.

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