Teaching and Learning*
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The Core principles of what makes an excellent lesson in Llanwern High School

Meet Greet Seat

  • Engaging starter activity set, with differentiated learning objectives
  • High expectations of all the pupils in the class using positive language to produce a positive and productive learning environment.
  • Speak to every pupil in the class and ensure that all pupils make progress.
  • Use emerging technologies and learning assistants effectively.
  • Differentiated tasks are set to meet the needs of all learners, with effective questioning used to support and challenge all learners including the most able.
  • Make the best use of time and pace in the lessons
  • Ensure pupils know how to improve by reviewing their learning regularly. Use a variety of AFL strategies including peer learning, Feedback and Directed Improvement and Reflection Time (DIRT).
  • A variety of skills are incorporated into all lessons, including metacognition, strands from the Literacy and Numeracy Framework etc.
  • Apply the school’s agreed behaviour management policy and assertive discipline techniques.
  • The plenary should be used for feedback, reflection and forward planning. Relevant homework should be set.