Sport Relief Charity Day

March 18th, 2016 by Sarah Turnham

Sport Relief is a fantastic charity which benefits people living in the UK as well as helping those in poorer communities around the globe.  So far it has enabled over 189,000 children attend school, 16,500 people to get support much needed  to improve their Mental Health, over 734,000 children to be given life-saving vaccinations and many more fantastic things.

In school today we had a non-uniform (sport related) day and children were asked to donate £1, we had a 2KM sponsored run which Year 7, 8 and 9 all took part in.  Staff also took part in a sponsored run on the treadmill.  Staff ran 26.2 miles which took 3 hours 7 mins and 25 seconds between all staff.  In total as a team effort from school we ran 965KM. The cake sale was a resounding success as always and the effort put in by both staff and pupils in making these cakes was fantastic.  We are still counting up the money collected from today which is over £500.00 and we will have a final figure ready to publish next Thursday when all sponsorship money will be in.  Please click here for more photos


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