South Wales Fire and Rescue Service

January 31st, 2017 by Sarah Turnham

Many thanks to the South Wales Fire and Rescue Service for coming into school this morning and giving a hard hitting talk to our sixth form about ‘Road Safety’ and the ‘Domino Effect’.

The Domino Effect is a hard hitting education tool kit created by South Wales Fire and Rescue Service aiming to educate new drivers and young people of the effects one road traffic collision can have on many lives.  

The presentation includes hard hitting TV advertisements as well as images of people affected by a road traffic collision, ranging from the emergency crews at the scene of an incident to a grieving relative.

The aim of this theme is to make people think about why they should drive safely.

Our pupils were asked for their comments after this workshop –

Rebecca Richardson ‘Put it this way, I’ll be making sure I tell people who I feel are being unsafe’.

Matthew Hughes ‘It was emotional, but got the message across’.

Ruman Imtiaz ‘The tone changed throughout the talk, it was hard hitting but has made me think’.

Andrew Hayward ‘I don’t usually think about how a crash effects others around them, this has changed my view’.

Mohammed Abdi ‘Traumatising, I was shocked by some of the stuff it felt unreal!  It was a real eye opener’.

Well done to all who took part in this It has given us all food for thought while behind the wheel!

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