Community Information*

The school is working closely with Community First to develop a range of activities that can benefit pupils and residents of the community.  These will include:


The ‘Aspire’ programme will encourage more young people in the cluster to consider education a high priority, and to aim for improved GCSE results progressing towards further training or employment.

ASPIRE offers an alternative to mainstream education for a targeted group of 10 young people by delivering a flexible community-based programme that provides the most appropriate package for each young person, so they can either return to mainstream learning or move forward to other learning opportunities. (Four days a week throughout the school year).


The transition project will work with pupils in Year 6 to aid them in the transition from primary to secondary schools, by providing a consistent activity programme with mentoring and support from the C1st staff and the schools STEP 7 team. This will include some literacy and numeracy support and training, but also opportunities for personal and social development that will contribute to pupils wellbeing and their feeling more positive about school.


The project will target children across the school from the ages of 11 to 16 who are not attending school.  The project will engage the young people weekly in alternative education through informal workshops where in depth discussions will take place looking at the reasons for their poor attendance and what can be done to improve it. Individual plans will be drawn up and implemented, with family involvement.