Partner Primary Schools*

At Llanwern High School we pride ourselves on our strong relationships between parents/carers and our partner primary schools.

We have five partner primary school who we work closely with throughout the year to ensure a smooth transition from primary to high school for both students and parents.

The five primary schools include:-

Ringland Primary School

Headteacher: Mrs. L. Bowden – Ringland Primary School


Eveswell Primary School

Headteacher: Ms. C. Barnett –


Alway Primary School 

Headteacher:  Mr. R. Hughes – Alway Primary School


Milton Junior School

Headteacher:  Mrs. C.  Burke – Milton Junior School


Llanmartin Primary School

Headteacher:  Mrs. V. Curtis – Llanmartin Primary School


Somerton Primary School

Headteacher: Ms. C. Barnett –