Welcome to Llanwern High School

Traditionally the year 6 into year 7 transition consisted of a single day at the school. This year we have developed a more robust ‘moving up’ programme whereby pupils are invited to attend Llanwern five days, one day a week starting Wednesday, 15th of June.  The aim of such a lengthy transition programme is to help pupils get to know the staff and their surroundings ahead of September.  We hope that this will also ease any nerves or worries they may have about starting in a new, bigger school.

Date Arrival time Start time Finish & collect Subject

15th June

08:50 09:00 14:00 Welcome & Expressive Arts

22nd June

08:50 09:00 14:00 Humanities

28th June

08:50 09:00 14:00 Sports and Wellbeing

6th July

08:50 09:00 14:00 English & Maths

12th July

08:50 09:00 14:00 Science & Technology

On completion of the 5 day ‘moving up’ programme we would like to welcome parents/carers to a meeting with the Headteacher and the senior team on Thursday, 14th July 5.00pm – 6.00pm in the school hall.

Please click here for our transition website.