Covid-19 ALN Information*

First of all – thank you for caring about your child, whether it’s completing work with them, spending time with them or just being there for them -whatever you are doing is enough. It doesn’t matter if you spend a full day working or a day to sit, talk and enjoy the weather and family time.
You are nurturing your children and doing your best whilst they are trying to process the massive change in their lives at the moment, which is not easy. Carry on doing what you are doing, we will be there for them when school returns to normality and rest assured that we will make things as easy as possible for the transition back into school.

Working from home
If you have a hard copy of work and would like your child’s TA to spend some time on the phone with them going through the work please contact me. This also applies if they want some help with the online work.

Statement reviews
These will continue throughout the summer term. I will be in contact to arrange either a telephone conversation or, if possible, a face to face meeting with physical distancing in place. If you do not have a copy of your child’s Statement and would like one please email
The same applies for pupils with a funded IDP
Statutory requests
At present the Local Authority do not have the capacity to go through with Statutory requests. The Statement process itself takes several professionals to contribute to and it would be very difficult with the current health professionals needed to contribute to the Statement with their duties focusing on the pandemic.
There will be ample opportunity for us to meet and discuss Statutory assessment when we return, and the support in place for your child when we went into lockdown will be there when we return. If you are in the process of appeal, please continue to do so and email your appeal to

I am sure you are all apprehensive of your child either leaving us in year 11, returning to 6th form or joining us from year 6. We are all busy at present having discussions with Head of 6th form, head of year 11, Coleg Gwent and Careers Wales to make sure we have a pathway for all of our leavers. This will mean wherever your child goes post-16 relevant people will be informed of their needs and the support they may require. I know Gail from Careers has been in touch and she is at the end of an email, as is Miss Ford and Mrs Brassington.
For year 6 pupils I had the pleasure of meeting some of you for a couple of sessions before lockdown. Enhanced transition is something we will continue to do as and when it is safe to do so. There are lots of speculations about what / when the return for year 6 looks like but please know that there are already plans and discussions underway to ensure your child transitions to high school successfully. More information will come soon via the head of Year 7 – Miss Ford and discussions between myself and your primary school SENCo.

Email addresses
Miss Pearse, AENCO –
Mrs Brassington – Head of 6th form –
Miss Ford – Head of year 11, Head of year 7 –
Gail Morris – Careers Wales –

Useful websites

Please take care of yourself and your family.
We will see you all soon

Take care

L Pearse