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AENCO: Miss L Pearse

At Llanwern High we have two tiers of support within the school. Each faculty has a specialist member of staff assigned to support ALN pupils within that department. We also have a team of staff dedicated to the nurture provision of the pupils and accommodate withdrawal support.

At Llanwern High School we ensure all needs of pupils are recognised and met by a team of experienced and sympathetic staff, who support pupils throughout the whole range of ALN needs.

All students with additional learning needs are supported, regardless of which stage they are at according to the SEN code of practice. Support can vary from a small teaching group, with LSA support, or a mainstream class with LSA support. There is also group withdrawal and one to one support for pupil’s who require it.

A literacy and numeracy program is available for pupils in year 7, 8 and 9 on a one to one basis during registration. Additionally all pupils who require it are given literacy and numeracy support in the successmaker suite or receive intervention throughout the year. Throughout the year there will be tests of progress carried out to ensure we are meeting the needs of your child. The details of our Data Protection Act can be found on the website.  The ALN department also facilitates the following groups for support, each taught by a trained and sympathetic member of the ALN team:

  • Anger management
  • Self Esteem
  • Social and communication skills
  • Co-ordination and handwriting skills
  • ASD support
  • Sign language
  • Bereavement support

Furthermore there are a range of outside agencies the school works closely with, that come in and support pupils for group work or one to one tuition. The AENCO works closely with and refers to:

SPLD Service, Educational Psychologist, School counsellor’s, Youth worker, RNID, COMIT – speech and communication intervention, Careers Wales, School Nurse, GEMS, Families First, GVIS, Barnados, Be Heard advocacy service.

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