Attendance Information*

Attendance Information

Truancy hotline: 0800 1412139

All parents and carers have a legal responsibility to ensure their child attends school regularly.

Children who miss school can fall behind with their work and do less well in exams.

Download the council’s School Attendance Policy (pdf)

Good attendance

Good attendance is 95% and is expected of most children.

Schools are open to pupils 190 days of the year which allows 175 days for holidays, rest and non-urgent appointments.

Good attendance means that pupils have the best chance to:

  • keep up with school work
  • meet their expected progress
  • meet friends to learn with
  • learn good habits for adult life like regular attendance and arriving on time

And you know where your child is when he or she is at school.

Fixed penalty notices

In September 2014 Wales introduced a fixed penalty notice and fines for parents whose children have more than 5 days of unauthorised absence.

The notice can be issued for any absences not authorised by the school, including holidays.

Newport City Council will issue these notices when concerns are raised by school or the police.

The fine is £120 unless paid within 28 days when it is £60.

Download the council’s Guide to Education Fixed Penalty Notices (pdf) Download the  Education Fixed Penalty Notices Local Code of Conduct (pdf)


For help and advice email the education welfare service or telephone (01633) 210615.