Personal and Social Education*

Personal and Social Education during the School Year

Please see below details of the topics that will be taught to your child in each year group –

Year 7

Autumn Term                    Transition, Identity, Friendship, Bullying

Spring Term                       Healthy Relationships

Summer Term                   Puberty


Year 8

Autumn Term                    Prejudice

Spring Term                       Crime and Justice

Summer Term                   Health


Year 9

Autumn Term                    Choices, Risky Behaviour

Summer Term                   Sex Education


Year 10

Autumn Term                    Self Esteem, Body Image

Spring Term                       Financial Education

Summer Term                   Healthy Relationships and Sex Education


Year 11

Autumn Term                    Young Adults and Healthy Relationships, Parenting Skills, Discrimination, Abuse and Consent


If you are not happy for your son/daughter to participate in these lessons please notify Mrs Jermyn Head of PSE on – 01633 411116

Please click here for our Sex and Relations Education (SRE) Policy